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Fullmetal Alchemist - Brothers songfic
A Fullmetal Alchemist song-fic
By: Maribeliza

Very early one morning, during one of their stays in Risembool with Winry and Pinako for a tune-up to his automail, Ed lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. His mind wouldn't stop whirling with words he couldn't bring himself to say. With a frustrated sigh he rolled out of bed, dragging his left hand over his face with a groan at the sunlight piercing through the window. Al was nowhere to be seen, likely already downstairs with Pinako and helping her with breakfast. He shook himself before setting about his morning routine and then heading downstairs, leaving his hair down for a while to dry.
“Good morning, Brother!” Al said as he walked into the kitchen. He was, as his brother had suspected, helping Pinako make breakfast- as much as he could, anyway.
“Morning, Edward.” Pinkao said, waving her cooking spoon at him briefly, keeping an eye on whatever it was she was making.
“Morning.” Ed
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I am not...
I am not who I once was.
She whom you knew has faded to memory.
The river of Time has weathered her.
Changed her.
What remains of her is more rounded.
She has been tempered by the flow of years.
Her rough edges worn away and carried downriver.
She is now a polished stone, no longer a rough rock.
She tumbles along Time's riverbed.
Searching for her place in the flow
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Thunder clouds
Hanging 'round
Ever growing darker.
Grumbling overhead
Always follows lightning
Moisture everywhere
Everything is wet.
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Untitled Dragon Age story
My name is Kana. The others here in the tower call me "the black" when they think I cannot hear them. Jowan tells me it is because of the dark skin tone that came with my father's Rivani blood. My father, I am told, was an unusual man, completely devoid of skin or hair colour with pale pink eyes. My mother apparently died in an attack on their wagon as we were on our way back to our home in a small village not far from Kinloch Hold after having visited my mother's family in Lothering. According to the Knight Commander, my father was gravely wounded when he appeared at the tower doors with a seven year old child, myself in his arms. He implored then to take care of me, hardly managing to set me to the ground while saying that I had apparently been distraught enough by the attack that I had shown magic he had feared passing on to me- he said a sibling of his had been a mage- before collapsing to the floor. I recall the Knight Commander commenting that it was a miracle that he had made it
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Of Shuttle Bays and Memories
It was an unusually quiet day aboard the Normandy, and it seemed to James to have started when he woke up to find that Shepard had woken and left the cabin before him- a rare occurrence since he had moved his things into her cabin at her suggestion.
She hadn't shown up or let him know where she was by the time he finished showering, either. He was starting to worry. Upon trying both her omni-tool and Garrus' and receiving no response he frowned, pacing.
"Hey, EDI, do you know..." James started to question but paused upon hearing quiet singing filtering through the open grate in the wall. "...never mind." He rode the elevator down a floor at a time, searching each one as he tried to locate the source of the singing. He halfway noticed as he searched that he didn't see a single one of the original SR1 core group. When he finally reached the shuttle bay he found all of them, Shepard in the middle, gathered off to the side of his area, each of them holding a glass of some sort as they all
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Of Elevators and Memories pt 6
Hours later Katniss jerked awake with a gasp, jolting upright. After a moment she sighed and laid back down once her brain had processed that she was safe in her room. Beside her James cracked his eyes open and draped his arm over her side as she rolled to face him.
"You okay?" James rumbled sleepily before yawning.
"Yeah, just a bad dream." she said through a yawn of her own. "What time is it?" James rolled onto his back and stretched before twisting to look at her bed-side clock.
"Uh, looks like 06:00." he answered turning back wards her. "We should probably get up..."
"It looks like one of us already is." she teased with a grin, poking at his stomach. James just smirked.
"What can I say? Waking up beside a beautiful woman..." he said, an undercurrent of laughter in his voice.
"Tempting as it is, we probably should get ready. We wouldn't want to be late. I hear the commander's a real hardass." she quipped, laughing as she sat up and stretched. James let his laughter rumble in
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Mature content
Of Elevators and Memories Pt 5 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 8 12
-Title Undecided- Pt 4
"How is that even possible?" Liara asked, something between baffled and intrigued alight in her eyes. Sorcha rolled her eyes, recalling the story.
"According to Ma her friend was at a party- picture the dance floor of lower Afterlife but the size of all of Afterlife- and somebody dared her to drink a whole bottle of 47 Thessia Red by herself so she did...and ended up sleeping with two different guys that night. Apparently she had also just had one of many fluke genetic occurrences we human women have when instead of just releasing one egg per cycle, her body released two...and both of them took. Tests were run and lo and behold, two babies, two Da's, and one pregnancy. She married them both and last I heard they were all still together. Both boys call both fathers "Da" and each of the boys have kids of their own, now. Somehow they all managed to survive the war." Sorcha explained. "Hmm... I wonder if the two-egg things happens to any other race that doesn't have mu
:iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 5 5
Mature content
Of Elevators and Memories Pt 4 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 13 10
Mature content
Of Elevators and Memories pt 3 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 5 20
Mature content
Of Elevators and Memories pt 2 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 8 3
Katniss Shepard by Maribeliza Katniss Shepard :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 0 0 Sorcha Shepard by Maribeliza Sorcha Shepard :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 0 0
Mature content
Of Elevators and Memories pt 1 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 8 2
-Title Undecided- pt 3
A few days later the pair waited just to the edge of the landing area on their small island property, Sorcha all but bouncing on her toes as she waited for Liara's transport from the spaceport to land. When the door hissed open Sorcha squealed and rushed to hug the Asari stepping out of the shuttle.
"Li-Li!" the Irishwoman shrieked, squeezing her tightly. The other woman laughed and hugged her back.
"Sorcha, it is good to see you." Liara said, a fond smile on her lips. "And you as well, Garrus."
"Hi, Liara. Glad you could come. She hasn't been able to talk about anything else." Garrus teased, earning him a swat on the arm as Sorcha released Liara. "Let me help you with your ge-AUGH!" The Turian yelped in surprise and stumbled backwards as Liara's VI drone popped out of the ship just as he went to step into it. "Spirits, Glyph!"
"Greetings, Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian." Glyph chirped, bobbing around them. Liara frowned at the drone but could not help but join Shepard in laughi
:iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 6 3
Mature content
-Title Undecided- pt 2 :iconmaribeliza:Maribeliza 9 8


Repulsion by Galagraphia Repulsion :icongalagraphia:Galagraphia 113 21 He hadn't expected... by Galagraphia He hadn't expected... :icongalagraphia:Galagraphia 407 169
Anders' song: Do you want to kill a templar?
Anders: (knocks)
Anders: Do you want to kill a templar?
Anders: Come on, let's go and play!
Anders: I never see you anymore, you've locked the door, and sent my cat away! (bitch!)
Anders: We used to hate the helmets, but now you don't. And so I wonder why?
Anders: Do you want to kill a templar?
Anders: (through the keyhole) Or maybe we should kill Velanna?
Warden-Commander Rhiamon Amell: (from behind the door) GO PLAY WITH OGHREN, ANDERS!
Anders: Ok, bye!
Anders: Do you want to kill a templar?
Justice: Why not, they seem unjust!
Anders: It's nice to know you understand
Anders: Their reign must end!
Justice: And I'm the one to trust.
Together: We're gonna be so awesome, we'll change the world!
Anders: And freedom will be mine!!!
Together: Do you want to kill a templar?
Justice: But first let me possess you!
Anders: Ok, fine!
Hawke: (knocks)
Hawke: Anders, please, I know you're in there.
Hawke: Please, talk to me again.
Hawke: Your attitude is killing me, you secrecy you really should ex
:icongalagraphia:Galagraphia 7 5
DAI - Post-Judgement by aimo
Mature content
DAI - Post-Judgement :iconaimo:aimo 409 35
DAI - Delightful Bear by aimo
Mature content
DAI - Delightful Bear :iconaimo:aimo 887 45
DAI - Helpful Cole by aimo DAI - Helpful Cole :iconaimo:aimo 1,259 79 DAI - Friendship is Magic by aimo DAI - Friendship is Magic :iconaimo:aimo 695 35 Snow in Springtime by Z-Raid Snow in Springtime :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 309 43 Imagine Him in His Underwear by Z-Raid Imagine Him in His Underwear :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 292 72 Photo Booth by Z-Raid Photo Booth :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 313 15 Chest by Z-Raid Chest :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 261 28 Shirt by Z-Raid Shirt :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 409 67 The Crystal On Fi's Chest by Z-Raid The Crystal On Fi's Chest :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 375 25 Middle Name by Z-Raid Middle Name :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 426 32 Adopted by Z-Raid Adopted :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 500 39 Midna Meets Human Fi by Z-Raid Midna Meets Human Fi :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 600 40


Hey GUYS! Go like this guy! He's my bestest friend ever and my Brother! He's an amazing RolePlayer and CosPlayer- he's the best Ed I've ever seen besides Romi and Vic themselves- and he's an all around AWESOME person! Assault that Like button! I demands it! XO…

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